Aluminum Canopy Systems

Our extruded aluminum canopies provide overhead protection from the elements including rain, snow and sunlight. Canopies can either be attached to a host structure or they can be freestanding. Our extruded aluminum canopies are constructed with the highest quality alloys and finishes available in the market.

At Canopy Solutions, we offer the best aluminum canopy systems across Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. We are happy to work with you to find the right canopy solution for your needs and to assist you with your design.

Aluminum Canopy System Options

To make sure you find the best system for your project, we work with many different types of aluminum canopy systems and styles. These are our available aluminum canopy options:

  • Cantilevered canopies- Usually installed perpendicular to the building wall, but not always. Cantilevered designs tend to be more sleek and exude more of a modern look to a building.  Cantilevered canopies are the most popular building attached canopy systems today. However, they do require advance planning as the building will require additional wall supports to withstand the moment reaction generated by the cantilevered design. Canopy Solutions does provide an engineered system so we always provide the engineering requirements to the engineer of record prior to construction.
  • Overhead braced canopies -Overhead braced are cost effective, highly functional, aesthetically pleasing and suitable for almost all wall types. Overhead braced canopies are simply supported and therefore exert less load on the building wall.
  • Column supported canopies (walkway covers or parking covers)-Walkway covers and covered parking are important for both keeping the elements off individuals as well as meeting the code requirements in many industries such as medical or education. For example, walkway covers and parking covers are popularly used to meet the requirements for medical facility areas including patient drop off, loading docks and egress walkway covers as well as covered walkways between buildings. Depending on the State, walkway covers between buildings and at drop-off areas must be covered for education facilities to keep students, faculty and visitors out of the elements.

Whether you’re designing or constructing a healthcare, school, retail, office or distribution facility an aluminum canopy system from Canopy Solutions is able to help you meet your requirements. With our experience and canopy expertise, we will help you find the right solution for your building and your budget.

Benefits Of Installing An Aluminum Canopy System

We utilize various structural alloys including 6063 (T6), 6061 (T6), and 6005 depending on member sizing, loads and finish requirements.  Our standard decking is .078″ thick which is over 3x thicker than a conventionally constructed steel canopy with a typical 24 gauge (.0239) roll formed steel  deck.  Our extruded aluminum canopies are designed to resist wind loads, roof live loads, dead loads, snow loads, rain loads, seismic loads and wind-on-ice loads and weight to ice loads.  Our integral drain systems not only look great but can be engineered either to daylight (discharge) at ground level or tie into underground storm drainage systems depending on your requirements.

Key advantages to adding an aluminum canopy system to your project.

  • You add an aesthetically pleasing element to your building or project.
  • Increase functionality of the building by shielding customers, employees or users from the elements
  • Reduce cost as aluminum canopies have almost ZERO maintenance with an up to 20 year finish warranty
  • Our aluminum canopy systems are designed so that they are hail resistant and unlike most steel products can be walked upon for cleaning purposes without damaging the canopy.
  • Increase the value of your property.
  • Contribute sustainability to your project through LEED EA 1, LEED MR4.1, LEED MR 4.2, LEED MR 5.1, LEED MR 5.2 and LEED IEQ 8.1

Also, a pre-engineered aluminum canopy system will help ensure that you meet the applicable codes whether you are building an office building, retail, school, medical or other facility.  Our engineers make sure that your design meets the applicable codes and load factors.

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