Canopies for Educational Institutions

If you are building or remodeling an educational facility in Texas, Oklahoma or Arkansas then Canopy Solutions is the company to call.  There is nothing more important when working on educational facilities than to have a partner that understands the State and Federal requirements.  At Canopy Solutions we meet all Federal and State human resource and safety requirements and have the experience you are looking for.  We have built everything from straightforward projects to award winning projects (See Austin Community College).

The two most critical issues for canopies on education facilities is the ability to value engineer and to deliver on time. Because schools have a hard budget cost and the initial design is often over budget, Canopy Solutions is adept at value engineering without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.  Also, as one of the last subcontractors on the job site, it is critical to have a partner that delivers on-time EVERY TIME.


Aluminum Canopy and Sunshade Systems for the Education Industry


Educational buildings are among our most important projects and we take them very seriously. Students need protection from the elements and can be less likely to take steps to protect themselves than adults.

Our high-quality aluminum canopies and sunshades create safe, aesthetically pleasing environments for students while increasing value on your construction project. This helps create a better and safer educational experience for students and faculty.

Typical Aluminum Canopy and Sunshade Systems for Educational Institutions

Whatever your budget, we have a canopy or shade system that can help you meet your project goals. Here are some of the options we have available for educational facilities that are under development:

1. Extruded Walkway Covers

If you’re constructing or doing work on a full campus, you might need more than a simple awning. Students may have to walk long distances from building to building. If the walkways leading to those buildings are exposed, it could cause discomfort for those students on hot days.

Our extruded aluminum walkway covers for educational buildings offer protection to students in Texas and the surrounding states. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these covers can keep the sun and heat off students and faculty as they walk between buildings.

We also have an extensive selection of aluminum canopy systems, including:

  • Awnings
  • Cantilevered
  • Overhead-braced
  • Parking covers
  • Standing seam
  • Walkway covers

3. Extruded Walkway Covers

3. Aluminum Sunshades

We offer aluminum sunshades in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas for architects who are working on school development or expansion. Whether you need a canopy that will cover doorways, classrooms, playgrounds or eating areas, we can ensure that students will get the natural light they need without becoming fully exposed to the potentially harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

In addition, aluminum sunshades can make school facilities look more inviting and attractive, both to students and the people who live nearby.

Our aluminum sunshade options include:

  • Louvered sunshades
  • Shade structures
  • Solar array structures
  • Sun screens
  • Trellises
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Educational Facility Canopies and Sunshade Systems

Our aluminum canopies are industrial-strength structures that will stand the test of time. We craft our canopies and sunshades out of the finest materials so that they can meet and exceed required codes and regulations that may apply to your project.

Contact us now to invest in a canopy that will increase the value of your project and promote healthy learning at schools!

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