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Anodizing is a cost friendly durable finish that can resist corrosion, humidity, and warping. The anodizing process submerges aluminum material in a tank filled with a fluid mixture of water and acid while simultaneously being charged with an electrical current. This produces a coating of aluminum oxide on the outside of the material with a hardness comparable to a sapphire (corundum) – the second hardest mineral on earth.

Please note: Canopy Solutions uses AAMA 611-98 as the sole specifier when referring to anodized aluminum finishes. We do not reference military specification MIL-A-8625 as commonly seen in other manufacturing industries.



AAMA 611 Class I Clear Anodic Finish

AA-M12C22A41 (Nonspecular, medium etched matte finish with clear anodic coating .7 mils or thicker)


AAMA 611 Class II Clear Anodic Finish

AA-M12C22A31 (Nonspecular, medium etched matte finish with clear anodic coating .4 to .7 mils thick)


AAMA 611 Class I Color Anodic Finish (Medium/ Dark Bronze)

AA-M12C22A44 (Nonspecular, medium etched matte finish with color anodic coating .7 mils or thicker)

Canopy Solutions standard color anodized finishes are both Class I due to the fact they are a non-dyed electrolytically deposited color.


Canopy Solutions has 22 standard and 4 premium colors to choose from with the ability to produce a custom match of any color out there. We have several different types of color applications to choose from depending on the project budget and specification.

All color material and applications follow the published American Architectural Manufacturers Association standards for surface applied organic coatings on aluminum extrusions.

AAMA 2605-13

AAMA 2605 is the superior performing coating specification that would give outstanding resistance to humidity, color change, chemicals, and gloss retention.


This is a two coat 70% Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) resin-based coating applied by a manufacturer approved coater. This coating is the most resistant to the elements once the project is installed and offers up to a 20-year written warranty. Unlimited color matching capabilities.

IFS 500FP®

IFS 500FP® is a high performance 100% PVF3 fluoropolymer powder coating that meets the AAMA 2605 requirements and can come with a 20-year written warranty like the liquid KYNAR 500®. On LEED certified projects this powder comes with an Environmental Production Declaration to help contribute LEED points to the project.

AAMA 2604-13

AAMA 2604 is a high-performance coating specified for exterior applications. This finish will provide top-notch color and gloss retention along with good hardness and abrasion resistance.


This is a two coat 50% Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) resin-based coating applied by a manufacturer approved coater. This coating offers great durability and excellent UV resistance while being a lower cost option to an AAMA 2605 system. Up to a 10-year warranty can be written for this coating if required by the project. Tremendous color matching capabilities.

IFS 400SD®

IFS 400SD® is a super durable polyester powder coating that exceeds AAMA 2604 requirements and is suitable for all exterior architectural applications. This powder can also help contribute to LEED projects if required. Super durable powder is slightly more cost prohibitive than the liquid ACROFLUR® but offers substantially more durability due to the fact it is over 5 times thicker when applied. A 5 to 10-year warranty can be written for this system.

AAMA 2603-13

AAMA 2603 is typically an interior specification. Paint systems in this specification have a lower resistance to the outside elements and quickly show color fading and chalking. This still can be used with low pigment acrylic or polyester paints on more budget-oriented projects, for example, a white polyester powder has no pigment to fade and chalking is hard to see due to the color. This can be advantageous for walkway covers on temporary egress projects around hospitals and schools.


Canopy Solutions offers the ability to coat material in 15 different wood grain textured colors with cutting edge coating technology from Italy. This is a two-step powder coating process that produces a textured product with a unique grain pattern for each piece. By using powder coated aluminum material in lieu of wood, this new technique allows our clients to get a sustained high-quality wood look with the practically zero maintenance offered with aluminum. This process furthers the Canopy Solutions advantage on LEED and GREEN initiative projects by utilizing environmentally friendly powder coating with the abundant and recyclable aluminum.

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