Canopies for Retail Buildings

Canopy Solutions offers a wide range of products for retail industry use. Read on for an overview of the types of canopies and sunshade systems we provide to architects and general contractors of retail business establishments.


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Canopies for Retail Businesses

Canopy Solutions provides a full range of canopy and sunshade systems for retail projects. Whether your project is a small suburban center, a Class A shopping center, a premier brand coffee stop, quick serve restaurant or other premium location Canopy Solutions has the system to meet your vision. In retail entryways are of the utmost importance as the appearance and attraction of the entrance are what may initially attract passersby.

In retail the variety of canopy solutions is wide and diverse based on the image the business wants to project and the vision of the client. Canopy Solutions excels in working with contractors and architects to provide a solution that meets your vision and your budget. Our quality and consistency is second to none.

Aluminum Sunshades for Retail in the Southern Plains Region

Aluminum sunshades can give any retail building a modern, sophisticated look while offering customers protection from the sun as they enter or leave the establishment. Our aluminum sunshades connect to a variety of different wall types and provide customization options to help create an aesthetic appeal that your buyer will love.

Our aluminum sunshade options include:

  • Louvered sunshades
  • Shade structures
  • Solar array structures
  • Sun screens
  • Trellises

Awning Sun Canopies for Retail in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas

What’s the first thing you want people to see when they approach the building you’re constructing? An awning sun canopy adds beauty and monetary value that will benefit both your business and the business of your retail client.

Make your building stand out with a sun canopy and provide shade that visitors can take advantage of during the hot summer months. We’re happy to help you develop a solution that meets your project’s requirements.

Extruded Walkway Covers for Stores in Texas and Surrounding States

Whether your project is close to another building or you’re planning to build far away from the street, consider one of Canopy Solutions’s high-quality walkway awning canopies for stores in Texas and nearby states.

Without a canopy, people who visit your building after a client has opened it for business may have to walk through rain or under the hot sun. Walkway covers can create better accessibility for these people, and even generate more interest from retail business buyers in the area. Having an extruded walkway cover is a great investment for your project in terms of attractiveness and convenience.

We also have a wide variety of aluminum canopy systems that we offer to architects and contractors. Some of these include:

  • Awnings
  • Cantilevered
  • Overhead-braced
  • Parking covers
  • Standing seam
  • Walkway covers

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A beautiful canopy or sunshade can make a difference in your building’s sell value and your client’s retail business success. We have the experience and passion to provide you with just the right one. Our canopy products are effective and made of high-quality materials so that you can rest assured that they will provide long-lasting service.

Increase the curb appeal of your construction project by contacting Canopy Solutions for your sunshade and canopy needs. Our team is ready to help any way we can.

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