Canopies for Municipal Buildings

Canopy Solutions extensive experience with State, Federal and Local government projects allows us to efficiently navigate the strict requirements required for governmental contract work. We have extensive experience in working for Federal, State and Local government projects throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Typical projects include courthouses, fire stations, public safety, jails, municipal facilities and public works projects. Our culture is one of having a detailed focus on preplanning, safety and on time completion. Proper preplanning with the design team, general contractor and adjacent trades ensures that the project smoothly without any unforeseen costs or complications. We start our projects with a detailed safety plan and provide the best tools and equipment available to ensure that we complete the project safely and on time.

We are proud to note that we have had ZERO LOST TIME incidents since our company’s formation!

Benefits Of

Working With Canopy Solutions

When you work with us to develop your building project’s architectural canopy design, you unlock the following benefits:

  • Unparalleled turnarounds: We deliver results quickly for municipal buildings in Texas and the surrounding areas. Our total time from inquiry to delivery is under two-and-a-half months, while most of our competitors take three to five months from start to finish.
  • On-time delivery: We finish either on-schedule or ahead of schedule every time, which means less of a hassle and less of a wait for you when you work with us.
  • Detail-oriented designers and engineers: We provide in-depth plans and conduct a thorough analysis of the job right from the start. Our designs define all inclusions and exclusions so you have a crystal-clear understanding of the scope you’re signing for.
  • Lasting partners: We’re proud to report that almost 100 percent of our first-time clients come back to us for all of their work.

Extruded Walkway Covers

If you’re a contractor or architect for a government office in Texas or the surrounding states, you may be looking to add some shade and a stylish aesthetic over the entryways. Adding an extruded walkway cover to your project is the best way to block the sun and make a greater profit from your work.

We offer our extruded walkways in many styles and colors, so you can find your perfect match and impress clients with the detail and commitment you’ve put into the project.

Prefabricated Aluminum Canopies

In the Southern Plains Region, different architects and contractors may have varying needs and tastes in style. That’s why we offer four different options for your prefabricated aluminum canopy needs:

  • Walkway covers: Protect walkers from the elements with a covered walkway canopy for your Southern Plains Region construction property.
  • Cantilevered canopies: These covers hang off the side of the building, providing passersby and visitors with rain cover and shade.
  • Overhead-braced canopies: This option offers a longer overhang due to its careful design. We securely attach braces to the building you’re working on so that the overhead awning hangs tightly to the wall.
  • Standing beam canopies: Standing beam canopies typically slant down from a building, adding a welcoming atmosphere and a memorable sense of style to the structure.

Aluminum Sunshade Systems for the Municipal Industry

Our sunshade systems are perfect for both blocking and filtering the sun. We offer full-coverage shade systems and outdoor shade structures to keep buildings and individuals cooler on hot summer days.

From louvered sunshades to trellises, solar array structures and more, we have a solution that can fit your project’s needs. Having one of these systems will help your clients strike a balance between natural light and protective shade over their building.

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Municipal Canopies and Sunshade Systems

Make a grand entrance and contact Canopy Solutions today to get started. We strive to be the best by delivering the highest quality product to you on-time every time. Our products are built to last a lifetime, so trust us to make your investment worthwhile!

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